Brave and Binance Allow Browser Crypto Trading

Brave now allows users to trade cryptocurrency using its browser directly thanks to its partnership with Binance.

The feature made possible through integrated Binance widget and became the first browser to introduce such innovation. Users will be able to access Binance sites, trades, view account summaries, and acquire deposit addresses for quick transactions.

The widget will be able to preserve users’ privacy because it is not using the typically loaded iframe or remotely embedded document. This feature aligns with Brave being a privacy-oriented browser as well as easing the trading process for users.

“Cryptocurrency trading can be a daunting task for users not familiar with such assets, so integrating Binance into the Brave browser makes the process seamless and simple.”

Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave

The partnership between Brave and Binance will not only ensure users to buy cryptocurrencies safely but will be a foundation for future innovations in the future.

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“We are looking forward to our long-term partnership with Brave to make it even easier to interact with crypto and encourage more utility in the near future.”

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (‘CZ’)

This new feature available in Brave’s Nightly, a development version for Brave Browser. The update for the general desktop version will be available in April. However, there is no official date for the mobile version.

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