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What is Browser Mining?

What is Browser Mining?

According to a published research paper by Sergio Dermain Lener, a chief scientist in RSK, Satoshi Nakamoto has mined around 1 million Bitcoin using a single high-end computer.

The paper, The Patoshi Mining Machine, dismissed the claim that Satoshi had to leverage 50 computers to mine earlier Bitcoin blocks.

Throughout the years, the idea of mining Bitcoin using a daily computer changed. One of them is mining Bitcoin using a web browser.

You can read more about cryptocurrency mining from here.

What is browser mining?

Browser mining allows a user to mine cryptocurrency using an internet browser. 

Currently, the CryptoTab browser allows users to do so. CryptoTab is the first internet browser with this feature while delivering an excellent web browsing experience.

How is it possible?

The CryptoTab browser has a built-in mining algorithm feature that allows users to mine cryptocurrency without hindering their browsing experience.

It also allows a user to link with multiple owned devices. For example, a user can link up computers, smartphones, and tablets together to mine efficiently.

CryptoTab utilizes the unused resources in a computer such as the CPU and RAM. The browser also has a boost feature that allows users to speed up the mining speed up to 10x and more.

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Is it worth it?

The truth is you can’t expect browser mining to be on par with the usual Bitcoin mining. The Bitcoin mining industry is on a different level with dedicated hardware. Not only that, the mining difficulties demanding more and more resources that can be unfeasible for an average person.

Even so, CryptoTab runs other programs for users, such as their mining pool feature. It is a referral program that allows users to earn bonuses up to 10 referral levels.

Browser mining is just one way to earn cryptocurrency. As the industries grow, the way to mine changes to suit the public demand apart from the industrial sector.

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