Techcryption Covers: Q9 Capital Leads the Private Wealth Sectors for Digital Assets

Following the launch of Q9 Capital’s full-service digital asset platform tailored for the private wealth segment last week, we couldn’t stop there. In case you missed it, you can read about the launch here.

We managed to get further insights from James Quinn, the Managing Director of Q9 Capital comment on competitors, expectations, and the overall outlook for the digital assets market in 2021.

A tailor-made digital assets experience for private wealth

Tapping into the digital assets market has been simpler as more firms are accessible and regulated. While there are firms that offer their services to the private wealth sectors, Quinn believes it lacks the relationship factor which is valued by the clients.

While building a trustable relationship with the clients, Q9 Capital offers more services like various options to buy/sell digital assets, earn more by converting idle assets, and flexible custody location to mitigate risks.

The offered services are the solutions needed for the private wealth segment, and Q9 Capital leads the way.

Q9 Capital delivers

The Q9 Capital services is a game-changer to the market and among its competitors. According to Quinn, there are digital asset firm offers their services in the private wealth segment. However, they lack the factor that Q9 Capital can offer.

We asked his views whether more firms will follow Q9 Capital leads, he stated;

In regards to the traditional private bank sector, the amount of conversation and focus on digital assets has increased significantly, but only a handful are offering or soon to be offering digital asset services. 

James Quinn, Managing Director of Q9 Capital

The expectations and outlooks

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We asked Quinn about the retail expectations and market outlook for 2021.

While Q9 Capital focus market is the private wealth and mass affluent, the increase in regulations in most jurisdictions will affect the retail style exchanges in the future.

According to Quinn, 2021 shown a fantastic start, with the total market cap for crypto surpassed $1 trillion, volume growth, and more large institutions making their move.

We expect this momentum to continue for the rest of the year as digital assets become mainstream. At Q9 Capital, we see this momentum every day with a significant increase in new clients, many first time investors in digital assets. Although we do not make price predictions, we believe we are only at the beginning due to a surge in new adoption – both at an individual and institutional level.

James Quinn, Managing Director of Q9 Capital

It is certainly something that we can agree on, coming from the media perspective of the market. A lot has changed for the past few years, and it is looking brighter.

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