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First Crypto-Commerce Store, launches in Malaysia

First Crypto-Commerce Store, launches in Malaysia

Fetch International, a crypto payment company, recently unveiled its e-commerce website, The first-one-of-a-kind store aims to bring a new thrilling shopping experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide. While curating an ever-changing and fresh mix of merchandise from the crypto brands shoppers crave, all at unbelievable prices.

The store debuted with over 500 products, available in a wide range of selections, like the hardware wallet, book, swags, collectibles, and crypto courses. Every product on has its unique mix; adding new products, designs, and other high-quality pieces every week. 

We are thrilled to introduce, a store which allows crypto enthusiasts to shop for their favorite crypto merchandise anytime. We intend to accelerate the adoption and usability of cryptocurrencies safely and easily. Cryptobilis will feature a unique assortment of the brands and values that the community is familiar with, and also offer customers the ability to shop with their cryptocurrencies through interactive features and curations. We are excited for customers to experience e-shopping this new way.

Arravind Prabu, Co-Founder and CEO, Fetch International

The site currently accepts Ringgit alongside four major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP. This feature provides a secure, easy, and frictionless shopping experience to all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and hodlers via the Fetchpay payment gateway. A single confirmation on the blockchain is all that is required for the orders to be processed and shipped. 

We believe cryptocurrencies have grown to become a lifestyle. Hence, we are looking forward to partnerships at any level to cater to the ever-evolving crypto industry. Reach out to us if you have designs, products, or ideas with which we can collaborate.

Arravind Prabu, Co-Founder and CEO, Fetch International

Fetch International soon intends to introduce a new line of products through to facilitate the crypto whales, the high net worth, and luxurious spender cryptocurrency owners. Moreover, the company is working to enable over 40 cryptocurrency payment options, includes stable coins catering to the various market segment within the industry. 

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About Fetch

Fetch International is a Malaysian cryptocurrency company based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Since its inception in November 2018, Fetch continuously explores and enables the use cases of cryptocurrency through its services. For more information, visit  to view all products and services.

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