Coinbase, Very First Firms To Receive E-Money License

The Central Bank of Ireland has granted an e-money license which sanctions financial services across the European Union, to UK based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase. CEO of...
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Android-Based Tool To Avoid Crypto Double-Spends

Double-spending is a risk where similar virtual currency can be spent above one time and it is a problem in which a transaction uses the same input as another...
German police investigate bitcoin transfer to synagogue killer - techcryption-01

Synagogue Killer in Germany Reportedly Paid Using Bitcoin

A terror attack occurred in Halle, Germany last Wednesday has shaken the Jewish community in Germany during Yom Kippur, the holiest day according to a Jewish calendar. A 27-year-old perpetuator...
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Bitcoin Will Bring The World Together, Investor Says

The billionaire venture capitalist who made early investments in Skype and Twitter, Tim Draper stated that Bitcoin (BTC) will bring the world together, at the 20th Draper University graduation.

A Canadian Blockchain Firm demands the government’s stance on Crypto Sphere

A Canadian blockchain firm demands the view on cryptocurrencies and blockchain space from the government. The Digital Start Chamber reported that the blockchain and crypto space is booming as...

FC Bayern Munich to Produce Blockchain-based Token, Cards and Merchandise

Stryking Entertainment (Animoca Brands subsidiary) and the leading German football club FC Bayern Munich have signed a partnership license to produce and dispense blockchain-based digital goods.

Apple’s Stance on Cryptocurrency

There are certainly some issues that have divided opinions on cryptocurrency. Many people also doubt whether cryptocurrency is a real thing, and many thoughts that pass through the heads...

Alipay Refutes Binance, no cryptocurrencies-related transactions

Recently, Binance has announced that the platform is accepting fiat via Alipay and WeChat application. The CEO and founder of Binance, Changpeng Zao, also known...
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Binance Accepts Fiat Via WeChat And Alipay

In a tweet made by CZ, the CEO and Founder of the world’s largest exchange, Binance, it is said that fiat is accepted via Alipay and WeChat.

Bank for International Settlements to study Digital Currencies

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), best-recognized as the “central bank of central banks” has announced that it hopes to look into blockchain-based digital currency and tokenized assets.