Singapore Shipping Association building e-registry based on blockchain-techcryption-01

Singapore to Leverage on Blockchain in Shipping Industry

Blockchain technology is known to have helped improve business transactions and processes with its decentralized and immutable nature. The technology that has been deployed globally is now starting to make...
HSBC Dives onto Blockchain for Malaysia’s First Letter of Credit-techcryption-01-01

HSBC Dives onto Blockchain for Malaysia’s First Letter of Credit

HSBC has successfully pioneered Malaysia’s first letter of credit deal for Simply Packaging Sdn Bhd (Simply Packaging) with a Singaporean company in the import of resin transaction. The transaction that...
Block Armour-techcryption

Blockchain-Enabled Security Solution Released By Block Armour

Block Armour, a Singapore-India-based venture determined to harness the possibility of blockchain technology to counter growing cybersecurity challenges in bold new ways, has released its blockchain-enabled zero trust cybersecurity solution...
car blockchain id-techcryption

5 Prominent Car Brands Up With Blockchain ID System

Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, an international consortium has developed a blockchain-based ID system for major automakers such as Honda Motor, Renault, Ford Motor, BMW and General Motors.

The National 2020 Budget: Towards 5G Ecosystem Development

Kuala Lumpur, Oct. 11: The National 2020 budget with its theme “DRIVING GROWTH AND EQUITABLE OUTCOMES TOWARDS SHARED PROSPERITY” has just been tabled at Dewan Rakyat by Finance Minister...

A Canadian Blockchain Firm demands the government’s stance on Crypto Sphere

A Canadian blockchain firm demands the view on cryptocurrencies and blockchain space from the government. The Digital Start Chamber reported that the blockchain and crypto space is booming as...
blockchain alliance-techcryption

Blockchain Education Alliance Brings Together 13 Successful Crypto Companies

As the shortage of talents in the blockchain technicality and inability of most to understand the technology is becoming an issue, MouseBelt, a blockchain-based ecosystem has come up with...

FC Bayern Munich to Produce Blockchain-based Token, Cards and Merchandise

Stryking Entertainment (Animoca Brands subsidiary) and the leading German football club FC Bayern Munich have signed a partnership license to produce and dispense blockchain-based digital goods.
Blockchain-Based Dating App to Help You Find Love - techcryption-01

Blockchain-Based Dating App to Help You Find Love

Dating applications have become a fever within the community in finding a love match, especially for the millennials. Among well-known dating apps are Bumble, Tinder, OkCupid and However, not...

Bank for International Settlements to study Digital Currencies

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), best-recognized as the “central bank of central banks” has announced that it hopes to look into blockchain-based digital currency and tokenized assets.